Santa is Coming – Just Watch!

Santa might know when we are naughty or nice, but it turns out that we have eyes on Santa too. Thanks to companies like Microsoft and Google, we now know if Santa is asleep or awake.
The day when Santa makes his yearly grand voyage to all the good boys and girls in the world is getting closer by the second. At this very moment he is tying the final bows and double-checking lists to ensure a successful tripSanta Like
Santa has been doing his thing for a long time, and I mean a really long time. He was first mentioned in the American press as Santa Claus in 1773. Throughout history the jolly old elf was referred to as Father Christmas or Sinterklaas. But in the digital age, Santa Claus has been forced to embrace technology and through the marriage of these two we have access to wonderful Christmas-themed treats.
For example:
Santa’s phone number is 951-262-3062 perfect for parents to help children call Santa’s voicemail and leave a message. Leave individual wish lists for good little boys and girls, or for the naughty little ones mom and dad can threaten to tattle all recent misdeeds (this actually works, I’ve tried it).
In hospitals across the country, children now have access to a live feed camera from the North Pole. Through this connection children have a glimpse into Santa’s toy shop and can have a bit of facetime with the big man himself.
The latest exciting development in the world of high-tech holidays includes a bit of friendly competition between tech giants Google and Microsoft. Each company has just released new and improved Santa tracking applications.
Microsoft has again partnered with The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to be the first to spot that magic sleigh and all eight tiny reindeer, but not if Google has anything to say about it.
Google, powered by their Google Maps application, believes that they will be the first to spot those twinkling eyes and that cherry nose. Both companies feature extremely sophisticated technology to track Santa in his trek across the globe.
So let’s take a look at the contestants:
Microsoft’s Official NORAD Santa Tracker
Microsoft’s Santa Tracker website is mobile-friendly and users will be able to use the site through Cortana, Microsoft’s search assistance. Users simply have to ask “Where is Santa now?” to be linked to his exact location.
Powered by NORAD, a holiday tradition for nearly 60 years, the site features a classic “Claymation” landscape. Along with games and downloadable coloring pages, Microsoft offers a 3-D globe with a Bing Map overlay.
Google’s Santa Tracker
The Google Santa Tracker features an interactive interface for ultimate playtime and an adorable countdown clock. Games feature Santa skydiving, present catch, as well as a Jolly Javascript course to teach student basic coding skills (umm.. awesome!).
Each day a new activity is unlocked to provide ultimate excitement once the big day comes. Oh, and there is also an accompanying Santa Tracker App for mobile devices (also compatible with Android Wear for up-to-date tracking through wearable devices).
Whichever site gets your vote as the best site to watch as Santa Claus travels from the North Pole directly to your door, be sure to have a very Merry Christmas from Midphase.

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