Our List Of Must-Haves From The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Today the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off in the city of sin, but just how much sinful gadgetry will be on the menu?
Today sees the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) get things rolling in Las Vegas, Nevada, and boy do they have some tricks up their sleeve this year! Since the show was first held in 1967, we have witnessed leaps, bounds and other gigantic movements in technology. The invention of the mobile phone and its subsequent acceleration into smartphone territory has been a true highlight of the past half a century, but the internet itself must surely be the biggest tick on the global technology to-do-list.
So I’ve been browsing through the delights of this year’s CES and picked out a couple of things that have really got me excited. Now, they might not necessarily take off, but the sheer fact that they’ve made it to prototype should be commended and all I’m saying is that I would 100% hit the stores for a few of these things.
My personal favorite of this year so far has to be The Rollkers. “What’s a Rollker?”, I hear you ask? Well, you know how at the airport or in some theme parks they have those moving travellators which we all secretly adore and wish were installed into every walkway of the United States? The Rollkers are wheeled shoe appendages which allow you to create your own personal moving walkway!
A French inventor spoke to Digital Trends in a YouTube clip showcasing The Rollkers, and described how his invention is set to bring travellators to the streets, allowing you to glide along at 7mph!

The idea is that a potential Rollee (a term coined by my good self) will walk as normal, with the Rollkers merely accelerating your movement to allow you to rush with more ease (I know that sometimes I’m in need of an easier method of rushing).
You might’ve seen that we recently collaborated with Raspberry Pi to host a Raspberry Jam event aimed at teaching young people all about programming computers and getting them involved in the technological world in which we live.
It’s for this reason that the Ozobot is another device which caught my eye at the CES.
Said to be the world’s smallest programmable robot, Evollve Inc.’s Ozobot is ‘designed to teach kids and techies alike about robotics, programming and coding’! The miniature robot partners with a mobile app which young and old enthusiasts can use to create color-coded patterns for Ozobot to navigate. Who doesn’t love it when education and recreation come together, huh?

In the aftermath of the holidays, a large portion of us will be noticing just how snugly fitted our jeans have become. I know I for one over-indulged over the festivities, and as we’re all learning where there’s the need, there’s the tech!
It would seem that the focus on health-monitoring wearables is not likely to subside as we head into 2015. A nifty little wearable named Belty, as showcased at the CES today, continuously monitors your waistline so you can keep an eye on just how much your belt has slackened over time, measuring your general fitness. Could this be the motivating tech that we all need to get ourselves back in shape? Watch this space.
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