Midphase calls lights, camera, action on .la



Actors, boutiques and design companies have already got their .la websites. Who’s next? Midphase hopes it’s The Hoff.

Los Angeles is the city of reinvention. It’s where Norma Jean became Marilyn Monroe and where Walter Willison became Bruce Willis. So it makes sense that the city was the first in line when it came to Web address rebranding.

Hundreds of people and businesses all over LA have ditched the .coms in their website names in favor of addresses with more of a fingerprint. Actors, boutiques, and interior design companies have already moved to .la, knowing their websites will be easier and faster to find under their new names.
That’s just the start of the story, though. Now Midphase has got its range of .la domain names on sale, it’s going to be easy for the rest of the city to follow suit. At Midphase, we’re raring to create .la web addresses for every one of the following…

The city’s 108,000 actors and artists

9,000 city restaurants

300 city museums

113 county colleges

80 theaters

20 county beaches

2482 Walk of Fame stars

One Hoff

How to get a .la web address

Click here, type the website address you want into the domain name finder – for example bestactor.la – and you’ll be given the option to snap it up, if it’s not already been taken.