Makers Unite!

Have you ever wished that there was a social media site with people who want to create? Introducing an online “maker movement” social media space.
Maker Faire has been dubbed the ComicCon for makers. Along with Maker Media, MakerCon, MakerShed and Make:magazine, Maker Faire have taken their conventioning to the next level: the World Wide Web. The founders of these organizations have a goal: to unite makers around the world through the internet. The result is, a Facebook-like social media site made dedicated to creative pursuits.
According to the website, is a “community that connects makers to makers and allows them to share ideas and projects”.
After receiving your invite from a fellow maker you can set up your profile and start showing off your projects. There is a category for just about everything you can build with your hands, from bohemian craft projects to robust DYI. Projects are displayed in your feed much like other social media sites, and you can “follow” makers that you find particularly engaging and show your support by “like”ing your favorites.
Unlike Etsy – where bohemian craft projects are rife – MakerSpace is not set up as a retail site. According to their founders there are no immediate plans to monetize the platform, but unsurprisingly they have not ruled it out entirely. We may see a shopping cart later on as the platform develops; mobile optimization and messaging options are already in the pipeline.
Once you get your profile up and running you can post your own projects and follow others with similar interests, benefiting from a wealth of ideas and hacks to create new projects to post. The maker opportunities are exponential! And Facebook is not a prerequisite for membership to MakerSpace; any old email account will do as long as you check it regularly. This is great news for those individuals who aren’t quite so fond of Facebook.
MakerSpace is self-styled as “the greatest show-and-tell on earth”. Who can pass that up? is still in beta testing, but feel free to head over to their website to give it a try. For other amazing maker endeavors read: We Came, We Jammed, We Conquered on the Midphase blog.