We Came, We Jammed, We Conquered!

Midphase has Raspberry Pi fever and we haven’t kept it to ourselves!  Read about how we have shared our Raspberry Pi celebration with our local community and schools.
On Saturday January 31st 2015 we gathered all of our projects, gizmos and gadgets and headed to Wilson Elementary School in Logan, Utah. With help from Midphase and a few other sponsors, Cody Erekson was able to create a Jam like no other Raspberry had jammed before.
Did you hear about the Raspberry Pi 2?

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First we learned, then we created and now we are ready to share our success with the world, one Raspberry Pi at a time. We asked organizer Cody to provide our readers with a play-by-play of the latest Raspberry Jam and all the events within.
Midphase, along with their sister brand UK2.net, have worked as a company to bring technology education to the classroom. Learn more about our works in the United Kingdom here and here.
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What was different about this Raspberry Jam compared to your last event?
That’s like comparing apples and, er, well raspberries. This Raspberry Jam definitely had the benefit of being backed and recognized more by our community. In the time between the
two events we have been able to reach out to so many different people and organizations and show them the tangible benefits of putting a small computer in the hands of a curious person.
And of course there were many more young kids there! So many kids playing Minecraft, building circuits, asking great questions, and just having a great time. The biggest thing to note is that we all gained some experience in putting on a Raspberry Jam! Just as lessons were learned last time around then applied this time, many more were learned this time that will be applied next!
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What was your favorite part of the Raspberry Jam 2015?GB1_7048 20150131 Raspberry Jam-XL
By and large, it was the participation! I was thrilled every time I watched someone walk in with their arms full of equipment of some sort. As the organizers we try and plan to have enough activities to keep everyone interested throughout the duration of the Jam. The great variety of gadgets and gizmos presented kept everybody’s curiosity piqued.
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What are your hopes for the future of this foundation?
My ultimate vision is to have a community resource where anybody can go and openly create. It could be a kid building a solar system model for a science fair, a cub scout cutting out a pinewood derby car, a new homeowner trying to figure out how to fix a broken cabinet, someone wanting to learn how to sew a pair of pants, or of course a geek who wants to build a robot best friend powered by a Raspberry Pi. There will be tools, materials, information and most importantly, people there to utilize.
I want to have a place that provides access to the latest in industrial technology, cutting edge production methods, and time-worn proven tools and methods of making things. Above all else I envision a place that is a collaboration of minds and ideas, where curiosity is fostered and fertilized, innovation is prized, and trial and error are celebrated.

Be sure to check out the Raspberry Jam Community for more information.

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 Photos by Gary Bird Photography