Five Advantages of Cloud Based Freshbooks over QuickBooks

It’s often more efficient and effective to use cloud accounting software such as Freshbooks or QuickBooks for small businesses (including freelancers and solo professionals) than a physical paper billing tool.
However, which one is better to use?
Although both provide powerful and specific solutions to entrepreneurs and startups, Freshbooks has advantages over QuickBooks in many respects. On the other hand, QuickBooks is a contender when it comes to large-size and detailed accounting functions.
Here are the five advantages of Freshbooks over QuickBooks that can benefit small businesses, including web designers, web developers and system administrators.

  1. Intuitive and Simple Interface
  2. More than five million people are using Freshbooks’ paperless billing. Most of them love the intuitive and simple interface. It won’t take much of the users’ time to adapt to its functions. On the other hand, QuickBooks does everything Freshbooks does but is considered more advanced and complicated, which may suite an accountant more than yourself!

  3. PayPal Integration
  4. Freshbooks includes PayPal integration automatically, unlike QuickBooks where users need to set it up manually into their emails via PayPal Payment Request Wizard or Simple Port.

  5. Complete Timekeeping and Expense Tracking
  6. Freshbooks is a timekeeping and billing software that allows users to track the time per projects or hourly rate and expenses. Users can send the tracked time and expenses to clients by email or snail mail. On the other hand, QuickBooks has rudimentary features in these areas.

  7. Automatic Payments for Recurring Transactions
  8. For recurring payments, Freshbooks makes it easier to small businesses to set them up with a credit card merchant account. Additional projects are automatically billed to clients’ credit card.

  9. Cheaper Pricing Packages
  10. The basic small business solution of Freshbooks costs $19.95/month. Alongside, Freshbooks Evergreen Plan costs $29.95, which is comparable to QuickBooks’ most basic plan that costs $25.90.

Overall, if you’re a startup with a small business and you want to do it yourself, Freshbooks is a great cloud accounting software to start with. However, if you need detailed accounting data that requires extensive bookkeeping, QuickBooks is highly recommended.