How Tasty is Key Lime Pie and the new Android 5.0 OS?

Google is ready to roll out its upcoming smartphone operating system developed under the codename Android Key Lime Pie (AKLP).
The 5.0 version of the software is a major refresh that will power some selected smartphones from Sony, Motorola, Samsung, and Google.
The upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie features are expected to boost the performance of smartphones, and users are likely to see new improvements in functionality and usage.
Here is what you can expect:

  1. Performance Profile – it is expected Key Lime Pie will make it easier to manage performance profiles. This means that users can manage profiles in silent mode or airplane mode, turning off data usage, etc.
    Although the blocking mode feature was already seen on Samsung S3 and Note 2 in the Jelly Bean update, it’s expected that this feature must be expanded.

  2. Improved Battery Life – there are speculations that Google will integrate Linux Kernel 3.8 in the upcoming Android 5.0. This upgrade will cause smartphones to use less RAM for tasks and result in longer battery life.
  3. Revamp Messaging – it will be interesting to see how Google will innovate its messaging features. Google already tested a unified chat service called “Babel,” which was speculated to unify Google messaging services such as Voice, Talk, and Google Plus Messenger.
  4. Enhanced Social Network Support – Android hasn’t done much when it comes to social network support. Users are offered fancy social media widgets that can be added to the home page. Sony has integrated Facebook on its smartphones, while LG offers a social network aggregator widget.
    With the upcoming OS update, it would be nice if Google will integrate more of widely used social networks as part of the standard Android platform.

  5. Complete Android Backup – Android lets users sync their contacts and apps via Gmail account. Apparently, a complete backup doesn’t exist. When switching between two Android handsets, photos, music, and other customizations may be lost.
    Apple provides a full backup and syncing to iOS devices. Hopefully, Google will introduce a similar feature with Android 5.0