Have You Upgraded To Windows 10?

Whatever your opinion is of Windows 10, essentially this is an OS for all. What does it have to offer you and is it worth upgrading now?
Many of you may have already upgraded to the latest version of Windows, and chances are that if you hated Windows 8 you probably love Windows 10. Microsoft listened to user’s feedback to create something we can all utilize, keeping all of the good characteristics from Windows 8 and ditching or improving the rest. If you are holding off for now you’ll most likely want to hear reviews from those who have upgraded already before you go ahead.
Like most new software there is a long list of ‘love it’ and ‘hate it’ features:
Love it: Update Management
One of the most hated features of previous Windows versions are the seemingly endless stream of updates. Windows 10 will not prod at its users to update any longer, though, as updates will now happen automatically. Microsoft wanted its new OS to behave more like a website. Nobody asks which version of ebay is currently running: it just is.
Hate it: Needs A Makeover
Generally, one of the most exciting aspects of updates are new graphics, fonts and other aesthetically pleasing aspects. While Windows 10 has made a few attempts at being bright, shiny and new, many of the icons are throwbacks to Vista and are in desperate need of a makeover. While this has nothing to do with functionality, it is a bit disappointing.
Love it: New Start Menu
The Windows 10 Start Menu is a mash up of the two entirely different screens of Windows 8 (that are gone!) and is entirely customizable. No longer will you grit your teeth in frustration as Windows tosses you between the classic screen and the tiled user interface (seriously though, that was awful). The new Start Menu offers a small taste of the tiled user interface on the tiled screen we are accustomed to combined into one easy screen.
Hate it: Multiple Desktop Is Underwhelming
Don’t laugh Mac users, we know that you figured this out ages ago but the Windows 10 multiple desktop is still less than awe inspiring. Functionality isn’t automatic and it will take some trial and error to perfect your screen-switching skills. However, once you get the hang of it, it will come natural(-ish).
While this just skims the surface of the assorted ups and downs that follow the release of Windows 10, we can all take comfort in the fact that yes, it is better than Windows 8, and if you like Windows 8 then be happy because updating is not a requirement. Microsoft’s aim to bridge the gap between tablet and PC is now and we have to admit as far as free upgrades go, we are pretty satisfied. If you are a Mac user you now have the chance to take Windows 10 for a test drive, if you are interested…

What do you think about Windows 10? Love it? Hate it?

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