Google unzips HTML 5 in a wonderful display of imagination

So we guess many of you saw Google’s ultra-cool doodle last month that focused on using an HTML5 zipper effect to highlight the 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundbuck who invented the modern-day zipper.
A zipper appeared vertically over the search bar, allowing the user to pull the zipper down using the mouse.  At this point all the search results appeared for Gideon and the zipper.
This is awesome example of the power of HTML5, which moves your browser closer towards becoming an application or operating system.  Instead of having to download applets, Java or Flash to initiate a cool animation effect, it’s largely built into the browser.
We did a quick search on Google for code relating to the Doodle and came up with this reference at Stackoverflow.  We have not yet tried recreating the JavaScript that apparently uses the <canvas> tag but hopefully it’s enough to get you started.

Source: Stackoverflow – visit site for full code