Google Nexus One Winner Announced!

Google Nexus One Phone
Last month we concluded our survey offering participants a spot in our Google Nexus One phone giveaway contest. We received many responses gaining insight to make Midphase better for everyone. We are very excited to announce the winner is?

Bryce Moltumyr of emergeDesigns!
The highlight of my week was hearing Bryce’s enthusiastic reaction when I told him he was the winner! He told me he used to work for a mobile company so he regularly keeps tabs on the mobile world and knew very well how awesome the Nexus One is. Currently he uses another phone but could barely wait to try out the new Android mobile platform? now he gets to a little earlier than he expected!
Web Hosting Survey, Google Nexus One Winner
Married for 8 years with 2 kids, Bryce enjoys life to its fullest! He currently works part-time as a Web developer for a firm in his home town and part-time as a youth pastor at his church. In addition he also owns and operates emergeDesigns specializing in Web design and development for churches.
?The mission of emerge is to make Web site development and design affordable for churches,? said Bryce.Lots of churches feel like they can?t afford a good site; but they don?t have to have an unattractive Web site.?
Bryce got into Web development and design while working for a small campground in his home state that needed a Web site. He advises those who are just getting into Web development toplay around and take chances.?
?The more you play with stuff the more you learn it; you learn to be more creative and if you take chances you are more likely to get hired and be successful,? he said.The place I currently work at took a chance.?
Bryce found Midphase while working for a church using Midphase.I ended up taking the site over for him, and really enjoyed how easy it was to find everything and get help; that was before I really learned Web development and I certainly needed the help.?
Although he has learned much more since then, he still appreciates the ease of use Midphase offers.
?cPanel and MPCustomer are easy to get to and easy to use,? he said.I don?t need to know about net engineering and all of that to get what I want; Midphase is my personal engineering department.?
Bryce is keen to stay on top of the development world by visiting his favorite sites; sitepoint .com,,,,, and everything Google.
?Don?t stop researching and reading blogs and finding the newest news,? he said.
Congratulations Bryce and best of luck to you. We hope you enjoy your new Nexus One phone and continue to enjoy your service with Midphase!
Thanks to all those who participated in our survey, stay tuned for our next give-a-way!