Does Your Business Need A .blackfriday Deal?

Get ready because the shopping day of the year is almost here and e-commerce is all part of it.
Historically Black Friday has been reserved for physical locations and Cyber Monday is the day for chart-topping e-commerce sales, but in the same way that Black Friday has become Black Thursday Afternoon, Cyber Monday starts on Black Friday. Confused yet?
Many major e-commerce sites have begun to offer online deals for Black Friday in the same way that physical stores have offered doorbuster deals. So we can all heave a sigh of relief knowing that we don’t have to brave the cold weather or bust doors to get the same deals from our home computers or smartphone screens.
If you happen to be a retailer you could be offering an awesome deal on Black Friday to grab some attention for the kick-off to the holiday season. This doesn’t mean that you have to redesign your entire website, but rather use social media and creative domains instead to promote your existing online store.
For example, offering Black Friday coupon codes can quickly spread through Tweets, Pins and Facebook posts. Your customers will flock to take advantage of your discount and tell their friends and family all about it.
Another quick and easy way to get into the Black Friday spirit is with a .blackfriday domain. This easy web address ending can direct customers straight to your Black Friday subdomain. By creating a separate site you will be able to deactivate the link once the sale is over for a quick and easy Black Friday experience.
Below are a few more helpful tips for online businesses to rake in the post-Thanksgiving dollars:

  • Be sure that your website is mobile ready. A major portion of holiday shopping is expected to happen from the screen of a mobile device.
  • Expect higher traffic to your site, so be sure that your current web hosting package can handle the increase. Visit for advice from our amazing tech support experts to make sure your site is ready.
  • Show off your small business on Small Business Saturday. Many shoppers prefer buying from smaller companies, so don’t forget to talk about it on your site.
  • Offer advice to shoppers looking for the perfect gift. Extended product descriptions help your customers pick gifts and also offers your site SEO benefits.   

One thing is certain: a lot of money will be spent this Black Friday. Why not take advantage of the spending spirit with a little help from Midphase?

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