An SEO Guide For Local Businesses [Infographic]

SEO is important for anyone who does business online, but what about businesses that operate locally? Here are a few tips to keep your name at the top of the list.
At Midphase we talk a lot about e-commerce sites and how to create a successful business online. We don’t always talk about the websites that are used to promote business at a local level, even though search engine optimization is just as important.
Did you know that 64% of shoppers will research your business online before actually visiting your store? In a world where we’re constantly connected on the go, websites are frequently accessed through smartphones. Your local businesses’s website should be in top condition to beat the competing businesses for the top spot in a search. Search engine optimization can help you accomplish this very task.  
The infographic below, created by, offers some great tips specifically for local business websites. These tips can help your business make the most of the services offered by search engines – and Midphase – to help customers find you both online and offline. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can help keep your contact information up to date and create a platform for loyal customers to talk about your products and services. Greater exposure online can strengthen your brand and your exposure on a local level.

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