Do You Have the Right Personality for SEO?

Many recent graduates and even those still pursuing their degree are landing terrific new careers in the thriving SEO industry. While in this competitive and difficult job market, professionals have found it difficult to get an interview without years of experience in the business world. On the other hand, those opting for SEO careers are finding they are being trained and gaining experience each day they go into the office. This training prepares them for advancement in their current company and experience to expand in the future.
While some work the mailroom jobs to try and break into a large corporation, why are SEO professionals so successful and quick to advance? Which kinds of people get hired and normally thrive in the SEO industry?
Having been a career counselor for several years and acting as a liaison between many different companies and young, eager professionals, it is safe to say that it takes a certain personality to flourish in the world of SEO. Here are some of the top personality traits that I noted:

In today’s world of guest blogging and plagiarism, it’s essential for those in the SEO industry have a high standard of integrity in their work. Honesty is essential for those writing web content since any hint at plagiarism can get your website or blog de-indexed by Google costing your company thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost clients. Taking pride in the originality of unique content will set you ahead of the dishonest and spammy competition in SEO.
Hiring clever and inventive employees will boost an SEO company’s name through the roof and will bring in more clients than anything else. Taking calculated risks and trying things that no one else has tried before will put you ahead of the competition and help you make a name for yourself; not only in your own company, but in the SEO industry.
Someone wrote the first guest post on a blog; someone connected the idea of quality content and domain authority. You could be the next great name in SEO for your ideas and ingenuity!
Of course creativity makes this list, as it is what pushes content along and helps websites stand out. Those who are creative writers, designers, and coders are what make SEO tick. The creative designers and writers will work together on client websites and on blogs throughout the Internet to make everything from real estate to pest control sound sexy. All in a day’s work for the creative team, and becoming a well-known and respected writer in the blogging community can help your own personal blogs, author rank, and your reputation throughout the World Wide Web.
Team Player
Working with others is essential and is what most people say is the most fun part of an SEO team. While your friends from college are sitting in their cubicles punching numbers and taking phone calls, you’re working with designers, coders and content writers to design and manage terrific websites for your clients.
SEO specialists understand that it takes each department to make their company great and they work well together as well as reap the benefits of their hard work together.

Lucy Markham worked as a career and academic counselor for several years, matching up talent for companies specializing in SEO services in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver and is currently finishing up her master’s degree in Education from the University of Utah