Cloud Linux | New Operating System

cloud linuxAs part of our ongoing effort to improve server performance we have recently changed the Operating System on all Shared Linux servers to Cloud Linux. We previously sent out email notifications to inform you of this change which successfully took place last week. This did require that we quickly reboot the server in order to install Cloud Linux. If you were on one of these servers chances are you never even noticed as downtime was minimal.
What Is Cloud Linux?
The major benefit of Cloud Linux is that it helps to avert any one user on the server from trying to utilize too many system resources. Servers that operate Cloud Linux offer better resource control of CPU and IO. Cloud Linux prevents the server from becoming overwhelmed by what are sometimes referred to ashigh loaders” or “resource hogs?.? Cloud Linux offers greater server stability by using technology that makes sure that a single site in a shared hosting environment cannot bring down the entire server due to excessive resource consumption.

Cloud Linux – Stops Resource Hogs In Their Tracks!

Resouce Pig

Cloud Linux also offers better server security which in turn benefits the end user from experiencing server issues that drain system resources. Additionally, this will help to free up more of our Administrators time in order to better serve our clients needs.
Cloud Linux comes at no cost to our clients. We are excited to see the added benefits that will result from this change.
Important: Don’t Confuse Cloud Linux (Operating System) with Cloud Hosting (Hosting Platform).