Are You Ready To Go Back To The Future?

30 years ago, Marty and Doc traveled through time to appear today on this very holy of days, October 21st, 2015. Is this the same as the future they expected to find?
It’s October 21st, 2015, also known as the day when all of the ‘80s children knew that they would be “old”. Back To The Future fans are rejoicing around the world as the day we have awaited almost 30 years has arrived.  
For those that aren’t exactly sure what we are talking about, here is a clip to explain it all:

When Marty and Doc Brown traveled through time in that iconic DeLorean, the future they visited offered dream inventions that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on. Some of the futuristic predictions were a little ‘out there’ – for example, the holographic shark attack / movie promotion – but surprisingly many of their predictions were actually pretty accurate.
The film’s co-producer recently told Hollywood Reporter what it was like to try and predict what the world would look like in 2015:  
“Part of what makes the movie still so watchable, even as goofy as some of the stuff is, is that everybody understands that we’re having fun with it. We’re not saying, ‘We’re going to seriously try to predict what life is going to be like in the year 2015,’ no.”
Even though producers did not set out to predict the future, they actually came pretty close if you look at some of the inventions shown in the film.
The future is now:
Below are the many inventions predicted by Back to the Future producers that they actually got right. It’s chilling really, as there are so many of them! Producers went as far as to foresee a Miami baseball team, although predicting whether the Chicago Cubs win the World Series… that remains to be seen.    
When Marty and Doc Brown arrive in the future, communication takes place on flat screen televisions with video conferencing, much like our modern day Skype or FaceTime. The screens are a bit larger than the average screen used today, but the idea is the same nonetheless.
We also see use of biometric scanning and identification, a technology that is used on many smartphones today. Optic scanning has long been featured in futuristic movies to represent high tech, but as of today this isn’t used in our day-to-day lives.
Tech innovation is a constant throughout Doc Brown and Marty’s adventure. Kids are distracted by what looks a lot like Google Glass or Oculus Rift, while drones fly in and out of scenes. Many tools are automated much like our present reality, but the world’s innovations haven’t quite lived up to all Back to the Future predictions.  
While we all look forward to the flying cars and dehydrated food as seen in the future, we aren’t quite there yet. Nike has confirmed the release of their self-tying shoes in the spirit of Marty McFly, and hoverboards have been working their way up to functionality through kickstarters and celebrity endorsements. Dehydrated food and flying cars aren’t used in our daily lives but they can give us an insight into what we can expect in the next 30 years. Maybe the Back to the Future crew could gaze into their crystal balls for a sequel into 2045.

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