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Change can put a bad taste in your mouth but, when you do a huge revamp of your look, change couldn’t be a more delicious word!

For the last few days we’ve been indulging on the aesthetics of the best looking and most functional web hosting website on the wide world of the web.

You can too; feast your eyes on this;


Celebrating OUR Veteran

Today the United States celebrates Veteran’s Day. A chance to reflect on those who serve our country in the armed forces and their contributions to the freedoms we enjoy.

Here at Midphase we thought we’d spend some time talking to our resident veteran, retired Navy Lt. Doug Ruegger. Doug is our senior tech support manager and has brought some incredible experience and perspectives to our company through his time as a communications officer in the military.

Doug spent 20 years in the Navy, including 10 years at sea. He was stationed in Hawaii and California, and served on 3 ships including the U.S.S. Nimitz, an aircraft carrier.


Get Everything you Need to Succeed Online With Doug’s Deal

Doug's Web Hosting Deal

We’d like to introduce you to Doug.

As a small business owner Doug has a lot on his plate. After meeting with clients, fulfilling orders and courting future customers, Doug hardly has time for anything else; especially managing his website.

Web hosting should be the least of your worries, which is why Doug recommends Midphase. With Midphase, our friend Doug has all the tools he needs to be successful online.

Today we’re celebrating him, and many other small business owners, with a special deal so you too can be successful online. Get Doug’s Deal today with the coupon code DOUGSDEAL.


5 Reasons to Protect Your .COM with a .NET


So you’re starting a business and have high hopes for turning your ambitions into reality? It’s exciting to venture into the world of entrepreneurism and announce your presence to an online business world. Perhaps you spent hours coming up with the perfect domain name that illustrates what your business stands for while keeping the name succinct and easy to remember. Everything seems to be in order, but did you consider buying not just the “.com” domain name but the “.net” to go along with it? If you haven’t done so, consider these five reasons why doing so is probably a good idea:


.NYC – The Top Level Domain for New York Businesses

.NYC Domain Names

A lot of the press around ICANN’s decision to take applications for new top level domains has centered around the effects on brands. But there is also so-far untapped potential for new geo-TLDs that reflect a real world location for an online website. One of these new region-specific TLDs set to hit the market is .nyc, the new domain for New York City. Neustar Inc. has made the application on behalf of the city and expects the domain to be a big success.

The advantages of a .nyc TLD should be obvious. As one of the focal points of global industry, trade and culture, New York is loaded with meaning and possibility. Organizations and businesses located in the city can proudly display their allegiance to the City That Never Sleeps, from ad agencies to charities to your local deli. New Yorkers will be able to see immediately that you are a local business that they can be proud to be associated with.


Introducing the New Midphase Website Builder

Two worlds just collided in the website world; professional design meets do-it-yourself.

Up until now it was easy to compare websites that were built with a website builder and those touched by a professional designer. Website builder websites were boxy, compartmentalized, lacked features, and definitely weren’t anything to look at.

Today we’re pleased to announce you can now easily build your own website that looks like a seasoned web design professional did it for thousands of dollars; hello Midphase Website Builder.


30% Off Web Hosting Plans for Summer Sale

Website Hosting Deal

Now through the end of August, all Midphase website hosting plans are 30% off during the Summer Sale.

Available on any new annual hosting package with the coupon code 30OFFSUMR, getting nearly a third off the price of hosting affords businesses and personal website owners an opportunity to take some of the expense out of getting online this summer.

If you’re not harnessing your online potential, or have a friend that could easily benefit from having a website, the Summer Sale is your chance to make a change for you or your friend. With our wide range of web hosting packages including the Business Hosting plan, which includes a free domain name and all the resources you need to start selling online, finding the perfect fit is simple.

In addition to finding the right plan, all the usual Midphase benefits such as 24/7 expert support, website uptime guarantee, and the unique benefits we’ve arranged through the Perks Program, make an unbeatable ROI.

The coupon code is valid until August 31st so get going before the month slips away.

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Being able to easily interact with our supporters is something of great importance to us. Social media is a great way to do that! Plus, you get the latest and greatest news on web hosting and other techie content!

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You’ll find all sorts of cool updates by following us on Google +! It is one of our newest social media networks and is full of great up-to-date news from the company and other cool news sources.  Some may wonder how Google + is different from other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  One difference is the simplicity of separating your friends and interests into different groups called “circles.” Instead of having one jumbled group of friends, you get to put people in the group that you want them to be in.  For example, you can have one “circle” for all of your co-workers, one for all of your interests, and one for all of your other friends.   Organization at its finest!

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Twitter is a quick and simple way to communicate with the world.  We kept our twitter handle nice and simple too – @Midphase.  Not only will you hear about cool up-and-coming stuff within the company and the tech world, but you will also be able to interact with us easily! We’re always on Twitter and are happy to answer any questions/concerns that you might have.

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Ah, the beloved Facebook. It’s a useful tool to stay in touch with friends, share videos, and learn more about your interests! We are constantly posting content to keep you updated on the latest web hosting goodness; as well as other cool fun technological news.  But don’t forget that this is also a great way to communicate with us.  Just like Twitter, we are always on Facebook ready to help you out!


Why cPanel has Become Synonymous with Shared Hosting Plans

For over two decades, shared hosting infrastructure has established itself as the most affordable entry-level platform for small businesses in the United States (and globally), allowing designers, developers and site owners the ability to launch new websites (and apps) quickly using user-friendly interfaces.

The cornerstone of its success and popularity is a piece of data center software called cPanel. cPanel is used by hosting providers to drive down support costs and offer customers a highly-accessible online dashboard from which to launch additional services and software, including the most popular feature, self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Since the hosting industry is highly competitive, customers have zero tolerance for complicated user interfaces or technology that does not embrace the simplicity and elegance of today’s Internet software.


How Tasty is Key Lime Pie and the new Android 5.0 OS?

Google is ready to roll out its upcoming smartphone operating system developed under the codename Android Key Lime Pie (AKLP).

The 5.0 version of the software is a major refresh that will power some selected smartphones from Sony, Motorola, Samsung, and Google.

The upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie features are expected to boost the performance of smartphones, and users are likely to see new improvements in functionality and usage.

Here is what you can expect: