Nerf Wars – You’ve been hit!

Earlier this week, we officially launched the new and massively improved Midphase website. To commemorate this momentous occasion (and to unwind after spending 2 intense months working on the site), we decided to (what else?) order giant Nerf guns.

Here’s Jason, our lead web developer, showing off his ridiculously awesome Nerf gatling gun:

We’re always down for a Nerf battle – think you can take us? Bring it!


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3 Responses to “Nerf Wars – You’ve been hit!”

  1. I’ve gotten all the guys here at work hooked on Nerf, to the point where they passed me up and actually modified and painted theirs!

  2. @Tommy

    Nice! I’m thinking about modding my Nerf (I have a sniper rifle model…scope and everything) – seems like a small spring addition will increase the range to 100+ feet!

    Thanks for the comment – have a good weekend :D


  3. I love the timing and the “plop … giggle” as the chain belt drops to floor. That gatling gun is the bomb!