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This article was created to help you to setup a FTP account in cPanel.

1- Log into your CHI dashboard at

2 - Navigate to your shared hosting cPanel account.

3 - Under the “Files” section click on the “FTP Accounts” option.

4 - Log In - Enter your FTP Account Username. You can find your FTP Account Username on the Shared Hosting homepage. To navigate to the homepage select the Shared Hosting icon on the left sidebar, then click on the hosting plan you’re working with. The Shared Hosting homepage will appear as seen below.

5 - Password - Enter your FTP Password. This is the same password as your cPanel password. (Don’t remember your cPanel password? Click Here.)

6 - Directory - This is where you can specify which folder(s) your new account will be able to access.

*Specify the directory that this FTP user will have access to upload and overwrite any files to. Remove public_html and enter a directory name is the suggested method to ensure your website files are not overwritten.

7 - Quota - By inserting a maximum number into the MB Quota section you can restrict how much disc space can be used for that account. If you do not want to have a limit then select “Unlimited”.

8 - Click “Create FTP Account” to complete your task.

9 - You can now scroll down to the “FTP Accounts” heading and see your new FTP account listed and ready to use. You are now ready to upload your files.

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to contact our support teams through live chat or by submitting a support ticket from your CHI dashboard.