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This article contains information about how you can view the support tickets that you have submitted.

Shared Web Hosting Clients:

To view your support tickets, submit a new support ticket, you can login to your account at and click on the 'Support' icon on the bottom left side of your account. In the 'Support' area, you can find the 'Overview' of your support requests, find your 'My Tickets' are to review your previous support tickets and 'New Ticket' to submit a new support ticket.

Resellers / Cloud / Dedicated Clients:

To view the support tickets that you have submitted please log into:

  • with your billing username and password. 
  • Click Support -> View tickets ->
  • If you do not see your ticket click View and select "All Tickets"
  • To see the ticket click on the ticket# of subject
  • To respond to a ticket hit the 'Post Followup' Link


We are also available for a phone call or live chat if you would prefer to contact us using a phone call or live chat.

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