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This article will show you how to create a backup and download it to your local machine. We strongly encourage clients to always have a back up of their content. 

You can easily create backups, however the method of saving and downloading a backup may differ depending on what type of service you have with us. To reach a guide for your service, please select the appropriate option below: 

CPanel Hosting 

How To Download a Backup 

WordPress Hosting 

How to Create a WordPress Backup 

Website Builder 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to save and download a backup of the Website Builder service. 

Dedicated Server 

How To Create And Download A Backup On A Dedicated Server 


How To Create And Download A Backup On A VPS 


If you do not see your service listed in this article, or if you are unsure how to download a backup and/or delete content, as always please contact our expert support team.