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This article was created to help clients who have registered their domain name with Midphase and are using CHI Nameservers. It will guide you through adding Cloudflare to the Addon Domains.

Step 1: Navigate To The Domain Section

1. Log into CHI at

2. Select the “Domains” tab from the menu bar, as seen in the thumbnail below.

        CHI domains tab.png 

3. Select the domain within your account that you would like to add Cloudflare services to.

       CHI choose domain.png

Step 2: Set Up the Cloudflare Services

4. Click on the “CloudFlare” link from the top of your screen.

       CHI cloudflare link.png

5. From the options provided select the package you would like to add. Once selected click “Checkout”.

       CHI cloudflare package.png

Your order will be processed and the CloudFlare service will be added to your account and ready for use.

Step 3: Activate CloudFlare Service

6. Activate the CloudFlare service by clicking the toggle bar to the “ON” position. This toggle can be found under the “Subdomains Management” section.

      CHI subdomain cloudflare management.png

If you have trouble adding services please submit a ticket through the support section of CHI and our team will be happy to assist.