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WordPress Login Temporarily Disabled

We are aware that there are times when some clients attempt to access the Wordpress login page, and receive an error message below:


"This page is temporarily not available and will be available soon.


Currently the wp-login.php script is under a heavy brute force attack. We have temporarily blocked access while the attack is present. Once the attack subsides access to this script will be restored.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience."


This type of issue can occur when a global change to the Apache configuration is introduced to mitigate these type of attacks. Once these attacks subside, the ability to login to the Wordpress login page, and the Administrator pages is restored automatically.


If you do need immediate access to login, please contact our Technical Support team at or through your CHI Account under 'Support' to request the work around be put in place. If you are comfortable using SSH, you can also implement this workaround by executing the following commands from with your Wordpress document root. Before requesting the workaround be put in place, please ensure to take a backup of your files by using FTP to download them to your computer.


The workaround should only be used as a last resort. Once the attack has stopped, we suggest that we revert the workaround to give you normal access to your login pages.

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