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What Is A Domain Transfer

On occasion, domains are sold to another organization or sometimes the name of a company might change. Most registries require a letter of permission from the old owner to hand over control to the new owner. The procedures for Transfer of ownership will depend on the registry.

Most of the time you will need to follow this process in order to transfer a domain name.

1. The domain has to be registered over 60 days ago.
2. Ensure the domain is unlocked at the current registrar.
3. Change the name servers to the new host and update any information to be current.
4. Obtain EPP or transfer codes from the current registrar.
5. Have the new registrar or company request the domain be transferred. (You can do this at in the Domains area or when you sign up for an account)
6. Often times you will receive an email at the admin contact email address to confirm the transfer.
7. Wait up to 7 business days for the transfer to go through.

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