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I Am Unable To Send Email - How Can I Fix This

If you can receive e-mail, but are having difficulty in sending e-mail using Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc., then there are a few possibilities:

  1. Make sure that you have your SMTP server set up correctly. The server will be your domain name. You'll also want to confirm that you have it set up to authenticate with your mailbox username and password.
  2. The more likely problem is that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks external SMTP servers from being used when you are on their network. Contact your ISP and ask them what SMTP server you should be using.  Alternatively, you can usually get around this block by configuring your outgoing server settings to use custom port 2626 (instead of default port 25).
  3. If all else fails, please contact support and we'll assist you.

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