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How To Use The Live Agent Installation

This article contains information about Live Agent.

To get the installation files you have to apply for and be logged in. You can sign up through here.
Please read our getting started guide first.

Live Agent Online live chat software

Definition: Powerful online chat software that allows you to communicate and watch your site visitors in real-time. Enables live customer support and the ability to manage your support staff. Easy to use and completely customizable.

Additional Support:

Installation: creates a folder called liveagent_1.1.5/chat

1.Create directory in your server's public html directory. (we will use 'liveagent' directory as an example)

2.Copy content of to 'liveagent' directory 

3.You should create the database and database user with mysql by using phpmysql admin

Customize it to match your database_name, database_user, and database_password.

You could also use some MySql administration tool (such as phpMyAdmin or CPanel) to perform this step in more user-friendly way. 

4.Start installer and complete all steps from liveagent_1.1.5/chat/install.html

How to integrate Live Agent to your website?

This is very simple. :-)
Add following html code to your website ( as an example):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


<a onclick="; return false" target="_blank">

<img class="cs_100" src="" alt="LiveHelp Button"/>



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