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How To Upload My Files

This article contains information about where you upload your files for your site.

Uploading Files

All files and folders that you would like to upload to your hosting service should be put into the public_html directory. The public_html folder can be accessed through either FTP or via the File Manager icon in cPanel.

Accessing cPanel

If you are a Midphase legacy client (i.e. you sign into to pay your bill), you will go to []/cpanel (replace with your actual domain name) and enter your cPanel username and password.

If you are a Midphase CHI client (i.e. you sign into to pay your bill), you will go to, enter your username and password, open the Shared Hosting tab and the cPanel tab under that.

Once signed into the cPanel you'll see a File Manager icon under the Files heading.

Using FTP

To access your account via FTP, you'll need an FTP program that can connect to the server like Filezilla client. Once you have your FTP client (program), you will need to provide the application with the necessary details for a successful connection (host, username, password, and port). Below is an example of the information you would use, substituting your own account information:

Host or Hostname:
Username: YourcPanelUsername
Password: YourcPanelPassword
Port: 21

Note: If your domain's DNS is not yet pointed to Midphase but you would like to upload files, contact our support team and we will provide you with an IP address to use as the host.


When you are creating your website, be sure to create your home page under the name 'index'. It can be index.htm, index.html, index.php, etc, but the index is the file that the server will look for when someone visits your website.

Please note, our Linux servers are case sensitive so index.htm and Index.htm are two separate files. Index.htm will not be recognized as the default first page. It must be index.htm (.html, .php, etc.) in lowercase.

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