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How To Resolve A Script That Is Generating Errors

This article contains information about custom script support.

We are here to assist our customers if there is a situation that is caused by our servers or plans. If the problem is with the server or hosting plan you have, you can contact Technical Support.

Unfortunately, we do not provide technical support for third-party software or applications we do not include in your service package. You are free to install, code, design, and maintain custom software, and it is likely possible to do so within the Midphase environment, but please be aware that this type of troubleshooting falls outside the scope of our Technical Support department. We highly suggest that you use your software's help systems or forums that they have in place, or contact your web developer directly.

If you need assistance with your third-party software or custom scripts/designs, we do have a Website Builder application that is very easy to use and allows you to quickly build your professional website with zero web design or coding skills required. You can sign up for a Website Builder account at or watch the video below for more details:


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