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How To Protect A Folder With A Password

This article contains information about password protecting a folder.

Using your Midphase control panel, you have the ability to password protect a folder within your website. You can create as many logins as needed for a protected folder.

Follow these steps to create a password-protected file:


  1. Login to your Control Panel (
  2. Under "Advanced Tools", click on "Password Protect Directories"
  3. This will bring up a list of all directories in your public_html or www folder.
  4. To password-protect a directory, click on the directory NAME. To open a directory (to view sub-directories) click on the FOLDER ICON to the left of the name.
  5. Once you have clicked on a folder name, you'll be presented with a configuration panel. First, check the box labeled "Directory Requires a password....". Next, Enter a protected resource name in the field (this is just what is displayed to the user when they try to access this directory). Lastly, click "Save"
  6. Next, you need to add users. Enter a username and password in the fields, then click "Add/Modify Authorized User".


You'll see a list of "Active Users", from which you can delete or change passwords if needed.

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