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How To Manage The Account Services Page

From the account service page, you can change your plans, renew your account, or purchase new hosting accounts. This article will show you how to navigate the Midphase Account Services Page.

Account Services

Inside of CHI, there is a page specifically for your account. You can access this page by clicking on the icon of a silhouette after logging into your CHI account. You will automatically be redirected to a screen to view your account with Midphase.

From here, you can view various information about your different services. See below for an example of a service within your accounts page.

From left to right you have the type of service, the name of the service, when it was purchased, when it expires, the price of renewal, and the renewal type. They are as follows:

Type of Service

This is the name of your service. In most cases, it will be cPanel Hosting, but there are a variety of services that we offer such as SSD VPS, Domain Names, Domain Privacy, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, etc.

Name of Service

This will be the domain name associated with the account or the primary domain for the service. If you bought cPanel hosting for, then it would say ‘’ in blue, and have a short description of your plan below. You can also determine the status of each account, for example, if a service has been suspended due to non-payment or terms of service violations.

Purchased Date

This shows how long ago you purchased the service. You can hover your mouse over it to show the exact date.

Expiration Date

This is when your service is due to expire. You must pay the necessary renewal fee before this date to keep your service running without interruption. Read more about renewals below.

Renewal Price

This is the cost of your service’s renewal. You must pay the listed amount each time the service renews.

Renewal Type

This is a button/drop down box that will allow you to manage how your account is paid for and renewed. There are 5 different types of renewal. They are as follows:

 Auto Renew


Auto Renew means that the service will automatically renew on the expiration date. The credit card you have on file will be charged and the service will continue as normal. However, if the card on file is expired or does not work, you will need to update your information or contact our billing team before you can renew your service.

Manual Renew

This setting means that the service will not renew without your prompting - you will need to do this manually. You will be notified via the email address on file when the expiration date is approaching, with instructions on how to renew through your CHI account. You will need to use secure payment for your renewal to keep your service from being suspended.


This setting means that the service is set to expire and will not be renewed. Use this option if you wish to cancel your service. The account will be deleted on the expiration date.

Renew Now

This setting means that the account has expired, and is pending renewal. You can simply click on this to begin the renewal process.

Unable to Renew

This setting indicates that the service is no longer renewable. This occurs when the service is suspended for reasons other than a lapse of payment. For example, if the account is suspended for violating our terms of service or if it has expired for more than 6 months and the account has been deleted.


To use the ‘Actions’ button, select the service you would like to perform an action on by selecting the check box next to the account. Click the ‘Actions’ button and you will see a list of possible actions. Each action is outlined below:

 Auto Renew, Expire, Manual, and Renew Now

You can set a service to each of these options, as explained above in the section on Renewal Type. This is simply another way to set the type of renewal for the service.

Push to Another Account

This is an action to move a service to an account other than the one you are currently logged into. You will be prompted to enter the username of the account before listing the service under the new account.

Push to New Account

This is similar to the option above, but it will prompt you to create a new CHI account for the service in question. This allows you to have different accounts for different services should you choose to do so.

In the filters section, you can sort your list is services by what services are currently active, what services are expired, or any keyword you would like to view (e.g.: cPanel).

There are many options for you to Manage your Account with Midphase. If you have any questions or need any help, we are happy to help you.

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