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How To Create A New Ticket

Tickets are one way that you can contact our Support, Billing, and Sales teams. You can create new tickets from the support section inside of CHI.

You can create a new ticket in CHI. Follow the steps below to create a ticket: 

  1. Once you have logged in to CHI, click on the ‘Support’ icon on the left.

2. This will open a page where you can create a new ticket. There is a tab at the top that will say ‘New Ticket’

3. This is where you can create a new ticket. Below are descriptions of each element.

1 -- Department: This is where you select the department you would like to contact. The options are Billing, Sales, Technical Support, Cloud Support, Abuse, and Dedicated Server Support. Billing handles all issues related to payments and domain registrations. Sales handles all questions regarding services and deals that are currently going on. Cloud Support handles all issues related to cloud servers. Abuse handles all issues with copyright infringement, hacked accounts, phishing, and other related problems. Dedicated Server Support handles all issues with dedicated servers. Technical Support can help you with any questions related to domain names, DNS, Email, Web Hosting, and anything else you may need to inquire about.

2 -- Priority: Setting the priority lets us know how urgent the issue is. Normal is fine for almost all issues. Very High is reserved for things such as server or website down and other larger issues.

3 -- Subject: In the subject, you should generally provide your domain name, as well as a short description of your issue. Example: -- cannot send email

4 -- Your Message: This is where you write your message. The more details that you can provide the better. It is generally good to include the following if you can.

A description of the error
How you got the error (what pages you went to, any buttons you clicked)
The IP address for your local machine (this can be found by visiting => typing in IP into the search => and pressing the Enter Key.)
The telephone support PIN is found in CHI.

5 -- Attach Files: You can use this to attach any relevant files to the ticket. Sometimes if it is hard to describe an error, you can take a screenshot of the error and send it to us so that we can see the exact error message you are getting.

6 -- Send Ticket: This will send the ticket to us, and we will begin working to resolve your issue.

Our Support team is always available to help you 24/7/365.

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