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How To Correct PHP Issues Related To The PHP 7.3 Upgrade

In 2020, Midphase will be upgrading our servers to PHP 7.3. This is considered a minor PHP upgrade. Our servers will allow one month to revert to PHP 7.2 and correct any issues before PHP 7.2 is permanently removed. Essentially, this will allow clients with any code issues to run the older PHP version while updating their site.

Reverting to PHP 7.2 is pretty simple. It can be done by using your cPanel MultiPHP Manager. You can access cPanel through your dashboard.

In MultiPHP Manager, check the box next to the domain you want to change the PHP version. Next, in the PHP Version drop-down choose ea-php72 and click Apply. The domains you selected will now be using PHP 7.2. You can use these same steps to change back to PHP 7.3 when ready.

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