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How To Change My Primary Account Domain

This article contains information about changing your primary domain name. accounts:

  1. You will need to back up all your data on the your current master domain domain including databases and emails.  If you backup the "public_html" location it will also backup the addon domain content as well but this will not include your Databases or your mail foder.
    1. You can use PHPMyAdmin's Export feature to export your database to a .sql file and save this to your computer.
    2. The mail folder is one folder above your public_html directory.
  1. You will need to remove any addon domains that are associated with your current master domain. You will do this through your cpanel account for your current master domain after all your data is backed up by selecting the "addon domains" link in the domains section and then selecting the "remove" link to the right of each addon domain.
  2. You will need to confirm with us that you wish the master domain to be your new master domain and not your current master domain
  3. You will need to confirm that you understand that this will result in downtime of up to 24-48 hours as the new account settings take place
  4. You will need to confirm that you understand we will not be able to restore your content (if there is content currently), that once the account has been moved to the other domain, you will be responsible for restoring the website files and databases.
  5. You will need to verify your account access. accounts:

To change your main domain on your account, you can perform the same steps as above and contact our Billing team to change your Master Domain Name.

  • There is a charge for this service.
  • This does not include moving any files or registering the new domain.
  • This will change all instances of your main domain to the other one, including email accounts.
  • If the new domain has been added in cPanel, it will need to be removed before we can do a master domain name change.


If you have an add on domain on your account, your services will continue to work as they are now. Moving your files, databases and emails is a big task and we may ask you for your Master Domain when you contact support, even if you no longer use or need your Master Domain.

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