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FTP Transmits The Username And Password Without Encryption

When you try to publish by using FTP in Frontpage, you will see a warning in the logon dialog box that states: "FTP transmits the user name and password without encryption. If possible, open the Web site by using an HTTP URL to help protect it from potential network attacks."

Your information when using FTP is not encrypted, using FrontPage Extensions to connect to the server would be more secure then FTP and would allow you to use advanced features only available when using frontpage extenstenstions. For help with site setup you may use one of these tutorials: FrontPage 2002 FrontPage 2003 FrontPage Extensions

We would recommend not using FrontPage as it is very old software that isn't supported any longer. If you wish to use another similar software from Microsoft, then you may want to look at using Expressions, which succeeded Frontpage.

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