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Do Midphase Servers Offer FrontPage Support In cPanel

Since both Microsoft and cPanel have stopped supporting FrontPage extensions, we will no longer be setting up accounts with FrontPage server extensions as an option.
If you want to use FrontPage extensions you should move your hosting plan to our Windows servers.

Please check here for details.

Also, you can create the site and then upload it to your account via FTP.

To upload your site you need to have a good FTP manager. 

I advise you to use FileZilla which is available for free here: It supports both FTP and SFTP and we recommend it highly!
1. Address: your domain is here
2. login: your cPanel login
3. password: your cPanel password
You need to upload all files into the document root for your domain (for your master domain it's public_html/). 

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