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Change The Look Of Your Site

Design, fonts, and colors are easy to change

There are three different ways to change the look of your site:

  • Changing the template

  • Changing the site styles

  • Changing the style of a piece of content

Changing templates

Choosing a template can either be done when you initially sign up to the editor, or by selecting another one via the Template picker. To access the Template picker:

  1. Click Template picker

Template picker icon

Template picker icon tip

If you are changing the look of your site after adding lots of content, it's a good idea to use the Preview button to see how your content works with a new template.

Site styles

Use Site styles to change the colors and fonts across your whole site.

To change Site styles:

  1. Open the Pages & folders menu

Accessing the Site styles

Accessing the Site styles
  1. Click the More button ( ⋮ ) next to your site name and select Site styles

What styles can you change?

Site background

Site background color

Site content styles

Reset Site styles

If you aren't happy with your style changes you can reset them using the Reset all styles button at the bottom of the panel.

Content styles

Content styles are a set of options that can change the colors and fonts for a particular type of content.

To access Content styles:

  1. Hover over a piece of content

  2. Click the settings icon  in the top left corner

Accessing Content styles

Accessing Content styles
  1. Click the Style tab shown in the sidebar at the top

Content type styles

Style changes made on a particular type of content will be applied to all other instances of that content type on your site.

Changing a style

To change a style: click on the style you would like to change and click the back button ( < )once you are done making those changes.

Changing colors

There are three options for choosing a color:

  1. Selecting one from the pre-defined palette

Colour options

Color options
  1. Using the color wheel

  2. Adding a hexadecimal color

Changing fonts and typography

Font and typography options can be changed in the following ways:

  1. The font itself

  2. The weight or thickness

  3. The size

  4. The line height (the space between lines of text)

  5. The letter spacing

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