Why You NEED SiteLock Protecting Your Website

Online security is an ongoing battle, and SiteLock represents the ultimate weapon for large and small businesses alike. Launched a decade ago as TrueShield, this former garage enterprise has evolved into a leading website protection tool. SiteLock’s roster of products and services has expanded to match its customer base, which now extends to over eight million customers and four million WordPress websites.

Fighting Cybercrime

The success of this online security platform is largely attributable to the ever-increasing assortment of threats facing online businesses. High-profile hacking stories and the recent Facebook scandal shone an unflattering light on the treatment of data by online firms, who often appear remote and unaccountable. Cybercrime remains a fast-growing industry, which Americans are more concerned about than conventional crime. We’re even witnessing the start of crime-as-a-service, where IT specialists rent out their expertise to less technically-minded crooks and fraudsters. By 2021, cybercrime is likely to cost $6 trillion, making it more profitable than the global trade in all illegal drugs combined.

SiteLock Detection

In such a hostile environment, people are rightly worried about joining 2018’s cybercrime statistics. SiteLock represents a great way to fight back against unseen threats. This cloud-hosted protection system runs discreetly in the background, automatically preventing attacks from taking place. By undertaking daily website scans, it identifies potential vulnerabilities and recommends changes long before automated bots or hackers arrive on the scene. And best of all, it requires no technical knowledge from its users. After all, many people remain blissfully ignorant about the sheer diversity of threats out in cyberspace.

At Midphase, we’re well aware of how dangerous the internet can be. It’s why we offer our customers three different plans, depending on company size:

  1. Basic. For just $1.67 a month, our Basic package is ideal for static websites with fewer than 25 pages. It includes daily malware and network scans, plus security alerts and the elimination of comment spam. SiteLock blocks scrapers from stealing published content, and prevent bots using SQL injection techniques or other automated attacks.
  2. Premium. This level of protection is designed for larger businesses, with up to a hundred web pages protected.
  3. Enterprise. Our highest level of security features unlimited scans of website applications, SQL injections and cross-site scripting. Better known as XSS, the latter checks whether exploits may be passed through web forms – a favored method of attack for today’s cybercriminals.

Protect your online assets with the help of SiteLock.