Who Hearts New York?

The new web address .nyc has now gone live and the first city-centric websites are up and running. Midphase investigates who got theirs first…

They’re being called The Founders; the first people to launch a .nyc website. Yesterday they were recognized by New York’s own Mayor de Blasio in a speech that predicted that the launch of .nyc would ‘place the city on the digital map’.
But who exactly are these digital pacemakers?
One of the most high-profile .nyc-ers is Bridget Kelly, a singer/songwriter who has not only written songs for the likes of Kelly Clarkson, but also performed alongside Jay-Z on the song Empire State of Mind.
Then there’s film director Casey Neistat, whose films have aired at the Cannes Film Festival in the past, and been critically acclaimed by big-time media outlets like Fox News and Rolling Stone Magazine.
It’ll come as no surprise, either, that the Times Square Alliance have got in on the .nyc act. The city’s world famous New Year’s Eve events are already being promoted on the site.
Hot events blog Manhattan Sideways also has their .nyc live. This Aladdin’s Cave of a website spills toe secrets of New York’s best sidestreet bars, shops and restauraunts.
Cutting edge fitness outfit Row House are also one of the .nyc founders. This boutique fitness studio are an A-grade student when it comes to digital innovation – you only have to look at their contemporary website as point and case.
Finally The Brooklyn Music Festival is already set up with its .nyc website. They celebrated their 2014 festival last weekend.
To get your own .nyc visit the Midphase website.