We bet your business card is boring compared to these!

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Boring business

By Emilie DeCoursey

Promoting your business these days can include any number of online efforts for pushing your product and getting your name out there. But what about the tried and true methods for spreading the news? Millions of professionals have been relying on the good ‘ol business card for decades to connect with potential partners and customers, so why not mix the best of both worlds and use these updated, modern business cards for inspiration…

Non-Rectangular Cards

Push the boundaries of the normal rectangular card and experiment with shapes and sizes.



Multi-Functional Cards

Memorable cards that serve dual purposes, such as these clever cards, are sure to leave an impression.

Business card 4

Business card 6

Edible Business Cards

No one is going to complain about you sharing both your company contact information and a tasty treat in one.

business card 7

businesscards meat

business card 9

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