The Best Platforms for Business Video Hosting – YouTube Alternatives

As the world’s second most popular search engine, YouTube is an obvious choice for business video hosting. However, its intrusive adverts, slow file uploads and poor customer service deter many corporate clients.

These are six of the best YouTube alternatives for video hosting:

  1.     Vimeo. The advert-free nature of Vimeo’s video hosting offers a crucial advantage over YouTube. Companies willing to pay for a Pro subscription can upload 20GB of content per week with unlimited bandwidth, and videos can be sold or rented. Vimeo has less brand recognition than YouTube, which doesn’t impose any upload limits.
  2.     SproutVideo. This fast-growing video hosting platform delivers impressive features across five subscription packages, but without any free plans. Premium accounts provide 2,400GB of bandwidth and 3,200GB of storage. Videos of any size are automatically encoded with extensive features like SSL embeds and API options.
  3.     Periscope. In two years, Twitter-owned Periscope has become a market leader for live streaming. From demos and tutorials to announcements and webinars, the simplicity of its desktop interface is mirrored in Apple and Android apps. However, the platform feels sociable rather than professional, and videos are only available for 24 hours.
  4.     Facebook Live. Facebook’s challenge to YouTube and Periscope centers on its Live video streaming service. The big draw here is Facebook’s vast customer base – your colleagues and clients will probably have accounts already. However, since only fans and friends of a page can view content, Live isn’t the ideal choice for reaching a wider audience.
  5.     Wistia. The antithesis of Facebook and Periscope, Wistia provides an efficient service for business clients. Enterprise accounts serve up to 50TB of bandwidth per month, albeit at a high price. Extensive analytics tools are included, while premium accounts offer IP filtering and integration with WordPress, MailChimp and Google Analytics.
  6.     Dailymotion. Positioning advertising at the end of video clips means Dailymotion offers a free service and unobtrusive corporate service. Storage and bandwidth are unlimited, but videos have to be less than 2GB in size. Still, Dailymotion supports 4K content, automatic encoding and basic analytics via its beginner-friendly interface.