Techies Are Bringing Home The Bacon

With a 8.8% salary jump from 2014, Technical Professional is close to being six-figure salary.
If you work in technology, you most likely had a pretty good year in 2015. A study from Dice Tech has revealed that the technical sector was a major growth industry in 2015 when considering salaries. Compiled information from the study sets the salary of the average techie over $96,000.

See the entire report from Dice Tech here, to see how your salary matches up.

Dice Tech reports that the technical professional saw the highest jump in 2015 as compared to all other professions. Considering the ever increasing relevancy of technical applications in our daily lives, this isn’t surprising. Internet and technical applications are a must-have for any business, and required for brand development.
38% of technical professionals saw this increase in salary as a reward for their hard work, while 23% had to change employers to see bigger paychecks. Bonuses, overtime, commission and other situations helped bring on the financial reward for techies, but the majority found success by convincing their current employers to up the ante, or they switched to other companies.
The Dice Tech report states that many technical professionals (39%) are considering changing employers in 2016, and 69% are considering making the move purely for financial gain. Others are looking for better working conditions, shorter commutes and more responsibility.
It’s no surprise that most techies are finding their success in Silicon Valley; the number one place for high-paid technical professionals. Other well paid technical professionals can be found in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle. All five of these cities offer higher pay for technical professionals than the national average.  
As our businesses go through period of digital transformation, many companies are finding that they need to create or increase their technical teams. Techies can now be found in almost every industry: banking ranks as number one, followed by aerospace, defense, entertainment and utility services. From designing websites and apps to managing databases and networks, the technical professional can expect career stability in the upcoming years.

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