Server uptime tops list of Midphase customer requirements

A recent survey by the Midphase engineering team confirms that Server Uptime is the number 1 consideration when considering a dedicated server from an affordable hosting company.
Generally, this requirement also goes hand-in-hand with a dedicated Service Level Agreement (SLA) which spells out specifically what website customers can expect if they sign up for a new dedicated server.
Typically, a review of Midphase Dedicated Server SLA would highlight these service promises:
Instant Reboots
In addition to providing self-service options inside your cPanel to reboot the server, Midphase engineers will guarantee an assisted-reboot within 30 minutes of receiving your failure request.
99.9% Connectivity Guarantee
For every hour of downtime you experience, Midphase promises to credit you the value of one day of service.  This is unlikely however, as outages are extremely rare.
Bandwidth Guarantee
Midphase does not divide the quote of bandwidth between upstream and downstream traffic like some of our competitors. Nor do we enforce shady policies that limit legitimate traffic.    Great care is taken to choose reliable connectivity partners we guarantee you will always have enough bandwidth for any website workload.
No Contract Lock-ins
Dedicated server plans are offered monthly, giving you the freedom and security of knowing you can always switch provider if the need arises. However, we have a high retention rate and many of our customers have been with us for several years.
These dedicated SLAs are extremely valuable tools in helping you assess the level of responsibility and commitment of the web hosting provider towards your small business website.   For a full review of SLA features visit the dedicated SLA section on the Midphase website.