Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is Now Available

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just announced their latest product featuring six times the power with the same $35 price tag.
The original Raspberry Pi has excelled as a tiny low-cost computer used for education and innovative electronic projects since 2012. For the last three years, makers across the globe have been creating, inventing and teaching with the small device saying “It just doesn’t get any better than this!”. But it does! Now presenting the Raspberry Pi 2! Thank you Moore’s Law!
Raspberry Pi announced their plans for the Raspberry Pi 2 now featuring double the RAM and six times the power for all the fun coding and creating that you can think of! Much like the original Raspberry Pi Model B, the new version will have many of the features that you are used to – such as the four supported USB connections and a micro SD card for storage – but with twice as much RAM and your choice of operating system.
The foundation also announced plans to team up with Windows 10 and Ubuntu for your choice in OS. Windows 10 will be offered to Raspberry Pi 2 owners free of charge, leaving the foundations free to learn ideology. Oh and speaking of costs, did we mention that the Raspberry Pi 2 will be sold at the exact same price as the Raspberry Pi?
The Raspberry Pi 2 will also feature:

  • Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1 (no need to reformat existing projects)
  • 1GB LPDDR2 SSDRAM (featuring double the memory of the original version)
  • ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (capable of running the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions)
  • The Broadcom BCM2836 that you’ve grown to love.

Be sure to visit RaspberryPi.org for a complete list of features.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation says that this is not the end of Raspberry Pi 1. For the time being they will continue to sell the original versions as well as the new product. They also mentioned that they have no plans in the next year for releasing a Raspberry Pi 2 Model A version, but we can keep our fingers crossed!
Note: Raspberry Pi announced that they have sold out of the 150,000 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, but not to worry they will be making more!
Midphase loves the Raspberry Pi foundation and their ‘teach, learn, make’ atmosphere. As a company we are always searching for new and inventive ways to support technology education in our community. Our resident geek, Cody Erekson, has created many new and exciting ways to use the devices within our local schools and organizations.
All of our favorite projects feature the Raspberry Pi: RoboPaul is a great example of what  you can create when you have a few creative minds and a Raspberry Pi. All the while, our sister company UK2.net is speading the Raspberry Pi goodness around in the United Kingdom too!
For more Raspberry Pi news from Midphase.com, make sure that you stay tuned for our coverage of Raspberry Jam 2015. Do you have your own Raspberry Pi projects? Please tell us all about them @Midphase. We would really love to see your creations!

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