.NYC – The Top Level Domain for New York Businesses

.NYC Domain Names
A lot of the press around ICANN’s decision to take applications for new top level domains has centered around the effects on brands. But there is also so-far untapped potential for new geo-TLDs that reflect a real world location for an online website. One of these new region-specific TLDs set to hit the market is .nyc, the new domain for New York City. Neustar Inc. has made the application on behalf of the city and expects the domain to be a big success.
The advantages of a .nyc TLD should be obvious. As one of the focal points of global industry, trade and culture, New York is loaded with meaning and possibility. Organizations and businesses located in the city can proudly display their allegiance to the City That Never Sleeps, from ad agencies to charities to your local deli. New Yorkers will be able to see immediately that you are a local business that they can be proud to be associated with.

This will also be a huge boost for SEO. With such a clear indicator of location, it should come as no surprise if Google and other search engines begin to favor websites with an .nyc domain in New York related searches. Customers looking for a restaurant or supplier within the Five Boroughs will be directed to those businesses with the forethought to grab themselves a clear, identifiable New York-based domain name.
These domains are expected to become available later in the year after ICANN has approved the city’s application. At first they will only be open to organizations officially affiliated with the city such as government agencies, but in 2014 the Sunrise phase will open to trademark holders. Following that a Landrush phase will let businesses and organizations with a New York City address register domains before the General Availability phase around May 2014.
With a whole new domain landscape on the horizon, the .nyc domain is sure to be one of the best pieces of online territory going. Keep your eyes on Midphase to be sure you’re first in line to grab a slice of the Big Apple.