New TLD Releases Available for Pre-Order

From .Paris to . Pizza, this week’s domain releases are sure to please. Pre-order yours today!
Since 2012, the International Cooperation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have released hundreds of new domain extensions as an alternative to the overcrowded .com, .net or .org. These alternative web addresses have taken the world by storm with door busters like: .club, .ninja, .rocks, .photography, .wtf, etc.
Having the creativity and freedom to design custom domains has quickly become a must-have for new websites as well as extending to already established websites. By linking .press or .me as page addresses to news or about pages, web owners can add value as well as pagerank.
All of these exciting changes in domains have left the world wanting more!
Each month a new set of web address endings are available for registration. Let’s have a look at the Top Level Domains (TLDs) that we can expect this week – all featured domains are available for pre-order through Midphase’s domain search tool.
Find the perfect web address for your web presence and get your pre-order on!
The latest geo domain to hit the web, .Paris, is The Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées in one web address. Much like .London and .NYC, registrants do need a valid address in Paris to register. Perfect for businesses and individuals wanting to create a web presence while sporting their city.
(coming soon $79.99)

Own a web address created specifically for the internet community. This alternative to the overused and limited .net can significantly raise your brand awareness within the computing industry. Make your mark with a memorable web address with the .Network TLD.
(coming soon $23.99)
.Pizza  Pizza Icon
Pepperoni? Olives? Anchovy? How would you like your .Pizza? From Chicago deep-dish to New York mega slices, this TLD encompasses them all. Perfect for any restaurateur or pie aficionados to claim their slice and trust me .Pizza will deliver.
(coming soon $59.99)
Any and every business should take to the web to order their own .Business domain. This TLD is used for any business as a way of increasing clientele as well as an easy-to-find information hub. No longer will companies have to search for an appropriate domain. With .Business domains all you have to do is attach your brand to the front for the perfect web presence.
(coming soon $23.99)
.Auction  Auction Icon
Buyers and sellers alike have shown significant interest in the latest commerce associated TLD. Perfect for charities, businesses and all other organizations .Auction can be used for new sites or as an addition to existing. Get in line because this web address ending is going once, going twice, SOLD.
(coming soon $37.99)
Recent history has shown that software is big business. Development, marketing, promotions – all software industry events now have a place of their own on the World Wide Web. Raise awareness and excitement for your next major project or to revamp the attention for a finished product with a .Software domain today.
(coming soon $37.99)

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