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From 0 to website in not much more than 60 seconds.

Ever felt like a salmon swimming up stream? In the past, this has been the experience of people trying to establish themselves or their businesses online.

That’s why Midphase has launched its new InstantWebsite product. With InstantWebsite, you can go from Internot to Internet in a matter of minutes.

From now on, when you buy a domain name from Midphase, you’ll immediately get to create a single-page website using our easy-to-use website builder. The really good news is it’s free.

You can customize your new site in minutes. Choose a template, drag and drop-in images, and fill text boxes with your own written words.

Midphase let’s you try before you buy, too. We’ve created a sort of virtual showroom, where you can see samples of websites made with our free website builder tool.

Click on each image to see the live webpage made with InstantWebsite…

InstantWebsite InstantWebsite InstantWebsite

To unleash your inner Veruca Salt—she’s the girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who wants it all and wants it now—click here.

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