Mobile revolution prompts Google to launch new Android mobile analytics platform

There is no stopping the mobile revolution, just ask Google.  It recently announced a new set of reports in beta called Mobile App Analytics for Android that helps marketers and developers better measure their mobile apps.  Three keywords popup when examining their new reporting features:

  • Discovery
  • Download
  • Engagement

For years, Google has been tweaking various user-friendly tracking tools to measure the conversion of a suspect into prospect and a lead and into a customer. These include the popular “Goals” funnel, which offer a visual workflow of how customers are converting in the web and sales pipeline.
With the new Android mobile analytics platform it offers the following key reports:

  1. Acquisition and user metrics such as downloads and new users
  2. Engagement metrics such as retention, crashes and conversions

Outcome metrics such as app sales and in-app purchases

The mobile analytics is not yet public, but you can apply to be an early beta tester.
Essentially, this reporting platforms represents the first physical break between the way one measures a traditional website and a mobile site.
There may come a point where this version of analytics actually becomes the dominant form of web reporting. Gartner predicts that by 2013 web access via a Smartphone or tablet will supplant that of a desktop or laptop. Not far away at all.
This means users will most likely be accessing your website on Midphase affordable hosting platforms from a small device and a small screen. Not only will you need to design your website differently, but Google is acknowledging that you will need to change the way you relate to web analytics.