Ksplice | Linux Shared Servers



That’s right; our team of highly skilled System Administrators is currently preparing to deploy Ksplice on all midPhase Linux shared hosting servers.

What is Ksplice?
Ksplice gives us the ability to apply important kernel security updates released by CentOS/Red Hat Linux without having to reboot the server.

What does this mean to you?
This means longer server up times and less downtime for your websites and other services. Not only will Ksplice provide you with more up-time but since we do not have to reboot the server the speed of deployment on these security patches is even better. Simply put, this means increased up-time, faster security updates, and most importantly peace of mind.

Our Sr. Systems Administrator /Team Lead Cameron Christensen said,Ksplice has the obvious benefits of increased uptime but it also means that our team of Sys. Admins can spend more time focused on monitoring and optimizing these servers for our clients.?

We understand how critical up-time is to you and we are very excited to bring you this added benefit. We anticipate that Ksplice will be in place on all midPhase Linux shared hosting servers by mid next week. We will keep you posted if there are any changes.