It’s The Summer Of Domains!

We’ve had it with the winter blues. It’s time to move on to greener pastures as Midphase welcomes the summer of new domains…
Pre-order new gTLDs (generic top level domains) with Midphase to get a head start on the season for newly released domains. To get the summer rolling, we’re celebrating the next round of unique web address endings coming to Midphase.
For the last few years ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) has been rolling out newly approved web addresses specific to industries, hobbies and niches. Expand your horizons and marketing potential with a .design, .chat or .video to increase recognition, strengthen reputation and broaden reach.
A great .com can be almost impossible to find, and due to their exclusivity your chosen .com could prove to be expensive once you do find it. Rather than resorting to long complicated .coms, why not consider a short, specific and unique web address which could identify your brand?
Even if you have an existing site, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of gTLDs! Promotional web address endings can boost your social media conversions along with traditional marketing strategies. creates a memorable platform for the best deals your have to offer just like could connect your customers with the customer support they need.
Pre-order yours today to have the first chance and grabbing your new domain:
gTLDs Coming in May: Pre-order Now
.design – Perfect for anyone specializing in web, fashion or architecture
.bingo – Looking for the perfect site? You’ll know you have found it when you read BINGO!
.chat – Got something to say? Say it with a .chat domain
.style – If you’ve got it, flaunt it and let .style give you a competitive edge
.tennis – Domains that can serve up an ace with one swing
.apartments – Buy, rent or sell with these industry specific pages making real estate a snap.
.casino – Hit the jackpot with a high-rolling .casino web address ending
gTLDs Coming in June: Pre-order Now
.school – Teach, grow and learn across the globe with an educational domain
.sale – One-stop shopping at a price you can’t beat
.video – offers a global reach with an easy to remember address
gTLDs Coming in July: Pre-order Now
.golf – Make your next domain a hole-in-one with .golf, or someone else will
.plus – For going above and beyond the call of duty
.tours – See the sights with your own .tours

Explore all options at to stake your claim in the summer of domains!