How To Win In CV Season

Kelly Kirkham discovers some of the world’s quirkiest resumes to show businesses and job-seekers alike what the competition is like out there…
As summer ends, so does silly season in business. At the start of September companies go back to business as usual. This includes hiring new talent. CVs get sent out left right and center at this time of year.
If you’re a business looking to recruit, here’s a sneak preview of the caliber that job hunters are reaching with their resumes these days.
If you’re a blogger or a job-seeker, here’s what you’re up against in the job market, and what you could aim to beat with your own online CV.
The Web Site Mimic
Philleppe Dubost, a Web Product Manager from Paris really ‘wowed’ potential employers with his Amazon lookalike web page. The super clever guy even titled it “Philippe’s Amaz-ing resume” –
The Awesome Infographic
Michael Anderson used an infographic to display his designing talents. What better way to display the talents required for the job than to display work upon arrival. This might be a bit hard for architects or tattoo artists, but if successful, the results would be even more impressive.
The Billboard Resume
Adam Pacitti spent his last £500 to rent a billboard to help land him a job. Since the creation of his ingenious marketing ploy he was approached by more than 50 employers offering him exactly what he was looking for: a job.
The Edible Resume
Edible resume
The best way to an employer’s heart could be through their stomach.If you read the fine print of this chocolate bar, you can see that the ingredients include: Traditional Marketing, Online Marketing, Brand Management, and SEO/SEM. This Willy Wonka of marketing absolutely got the job with his innovative product that every Human Resource Manager can enjoy.
The Lonely Hearts CV
Charlotte Wake hoped employers would follow their heart when it came to employing her. Now we call that using your head!
The Drinkable CV
A Canadian man beat out the competition with his signature home brewed four-pack of ales. Brennan Gleason, a designer from British Columbia, went with the unconventional approach and won. After submitting the blond ales to three potential employers, he was met with success at a digital marketing agency in Vancouver.
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