Getting Results: Which Web Hosting Package Do You Really Need?

Web hosting can seem confusing to industry beginners. The process of making website content available to anyone wishing to view it seems almost mystical, while the technical jargon surrounding this process is often bewildering. Why are some servers shared while others are dedicated? What’s the difference between bandwidth and server space? And why is it important to have information stored on more than one server?
At Midphase, we aim to demystify this process as much as possible. We strip out technical jargon and offer clear pricing for our products and services. More importantly, we steer customers towards the appropriate packages for their needs – not the most expensive ones, or unnecessarily advanced ones. We’re committed to finding you the best web hosting package to meet your unique requirements, guiding you through the process one step at a time…

The basics of hosting

When you (or professional web designers working on your behalf) create a website, every graphic and HTML paragraph needs to be uploaded to a hard drive connected to the internet. When someone enters the chosen domain name into a web browser, they summon content from the hard drive (known as a server) to appear on their device. Web hosting goes on around the clock and should be visible from anywhere in the world.

Shared vs dedicated web hosting

A key decision involves the proportion of a data server required for storing web page content. A shared server can be securely divided between several clients, reducing per-user costs and accommodating large numbers of modestly-sized websites. However, companies requiring large amounts of hard drive space for material like user-generated content may want their own dedicated server. Some businesses start with the former and expand until they require the latter. However, shared servers are much more affordable.

Personal or professional hosting

This is a very subjective decision since some people are employed remotely, while others run small businesses in their spare time. However, our Personal, Professional and Business packages have key distinctions. The former is ideal for individual websites powered by a single database, while Professional packages support three websites and five subdomains. Business hosting is designed for complex sites, permitting unlimited databases, subdomains, websites and bandwidth.

WordPress hosting

Readers unfamiliar with WordPress might be surprised to learn that this content management system powers one in four websites globally. WordPress offers large numbers of customizable site templates which can be augmented with around 55,000 separate plugins performing specific functions. Because WordPress websites are so popular they attract a lot of unwanted attention with malicious aims, so Midphase provides built-in malware protection and expert site management courtesy of our highly qualified technicians.
Irrespective of which Midphase hosting package you choose, some aspects will be universal. Automatic renewals are activated by default, so your website will never go offline when its annual domain renewal is due. You can use our specialist Website Builder tool to assemble content quickly and easily, making site modifications and accessing account information via a dedicated control panel. And every customer enjoys unlimited bandwidth – which means your site could enjoy an endless stream of visitors without any issues.
Every file and folder is stored in an extremely secure data center, monitored around the clock by trained IT professionals. Our internet ninjas are bursting with knowledge, which means you don’t need to sit up at night reading internet tutorials. Everything is taken care of on your behalf, from malware protection to server updates. We even maintain file backups for five days, so you can roll back to a previous version of the website if anything goes wrong.

Find the perfect web hosting package for your needs today with Midphase.